Monday, January 26, 2009

"Only in New Orleans!"

My anecdote of the day: First of all, I couldn't make these things up if I tried.
Last week my better half and my faithful, brother, Michael (yes the same poor guy that found the skull at the cemetery)decided to make a visit to a local recycled hardware and construction material shop. They are in the business and frequent the shop. While there, they noticed a beautiful cypress coffin in the shop (New Orleanians have been buried in cypress coffins since the early 18th century). As they admired the craftsmanship, the owner of the shop walked over and explained that it had been sold. He proceeded to recount to them the details of the sale...." a woman came in and noticed the coffin, she asked a few questions and admired it. She then proceeded to climb into the coffin and asked me to close the top. After spending some time in the closed coffin...she raised the lid and said 'I'll take it.' Have you ever heard of such a thing,?" he asked..."Well, I sold it to her, just waiting for her to come pick it up..." Needless to say the guys got a kick out of that one and when they recounted the owner's story to me all I could respond was "Only in New Orleans". Something about the place ( and you know this if you grew up here) lessens your fear of death...or rather it increases your respect for the reality of it. After all we're surrounded by it in every way in this town...always have been.

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