Saturday, May 9, 2009

The First Creole Governor

Please see my latest work on Gov. A. Beauvais' Biography at Special thanks to Mr. Martin Gauthier for posting it.
I believe this to be Genevieve Demoruelle Tarrient Malcheaux's tomb. The WPA tombstone index located in the New Orleans Public Library cites that she is buried in St. Louis No.1 Aisle 6 R (right). Of all the tombs on Aisle 6R, this is one of two that is unmarked. The rest are marked with names that are not associated with my family. The tomb is a pediment tomb. It would have been plastered (in some form) over and probably had the marker with names engraved either laying on top or fixed to the front "door". I would like to undertake the rebricking, replastering and eventually the creating of a new tablet with names engraved. My husband and brother are builders and can do the masonry and plaster in a very short period of time, with little cost. The newer materials should last longer as well. The real cost will be in the new tablet; which really should be made of granite rather than marble so there are no issues of "sugaring" or premature cracking. If anyone is interested in the WPA tombstone index at NOPL as well as archdiocese records; I look them up for individuals for a very small fee...just visit my website